Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Prints, Please

70's City-scape print dress from fast_eddies_retro_rags

In the mood for some funky prints? Seems everyone is! Prints are a hot trend this year.

After a very dark fall season, prints are making a comeback in a big way. Three you'll see this upcoming season are: 70s style, animal and floral. Rebecca Taylor is known for her “cool girl” designs and this season was no exception. I love her printed top and 70s style jean. And there is nothing sexier than an animal print done right.

Florals range this season from 60s mod to sophisticated and refined. All of these prints are appropriate for any age group. What's important is that the print should match the stature of the woman. Very petite woman will look dwarfed by an oversized print and woman with a bigger frame can dwarf a print if it's too small or cutesy. Look for styles that play up the shape of your body to use prints to their best advantage.

Also, if prints scare you, start small. Do a printed accessory like a scarf or a shoe or bag and slowly work in separate pieces first, like a blouse or skirt and then take the plunge into dresses or printed coats.
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The VFG has also called out Prints as a super hot trend in vintage this year. Vintage Inspirations focused on prints both charming & valiant for Spring.

And over on the VFG Forums - pinky-a-gogo asked posters to show their favorites. Come by and show us yours or oogle the goodies featured (like this pictured stunner by Alfred Shaheen from pinky-a-gogo).

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