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VFG Parade: In The Clutch

If you've been following fashion trends for Fall 2007, then you know clutch purses are HOT! Designers have been showing large envelope bags for day and small glamorous clutches for evening. Jump onto the Style Train with these offerings from our members!

This fab 1950's ethnic-inspired one (pictured left) by Tina from Lisit Vintage Cafe is just divine. And this fun orange-but-not-too-orange longer version (pictured right) from glamoursurf is perfect for transition from Summer into Fall.

Clutch Purses

When women hold on to keeping themselves abreast with the latest purse trend, one would never fail to spot clutch purses on their hands. Amazingly these purses, which became popular since the younger years of our grandmothers, seemed to have also held on to the fashion industry's changing times as we see it dominate the shelves in a more modern and dandier look.

Clutch purses first became a hot fashion craze during the early 1800's. It was inspired by reticules that sophisticated women popularly carry that time. Reticules are drawstring mini handbags of the early 18th century. Usually made of net or richly designed woven brocade fabric, reticules mostly contain traveling essentials such as a handkerchief, smelling salts, which is sniffed to relieve dizziness and headache, and a packet of rice papers used to wipe oily spots on the face. In fact, reticules are also considered as one of the forerunners of today's handbags.

When 19th century opened, the purse went out of style. Surprisingly, clutch purses became popular again during the second World War years. Reflecting the condition of the war times, the purse became smaller since raw materials to manufacture it were scarce and almost inaccessible.

Clutch purses are named after how it is being carried. Clutch means to grasp or hold with the hand. And true to its name the small purse, which classically has no handles or straps, is always enveloped in the hands of women.

A classic clutch purse is rectangular in shape with frame closure. The fashion market today made the purse more stylish, modern and more innovative. Detachable chain or adjustable leather straps were added so the mini purse can be carried on the shoulder or on the wrist.

From rectangular, clutch purses on oval, round, triangle, square box and heart shapes are now displayed on fashion windows. No longer limited to brocade material, the purses are now more voguish with its satin or silk body are being designed with beads, sequins, rhinestones, and crystals giving a more feminine flair.

With the wide variety the fashion market offers, it is sometimes hard to make a satisfying choice. Here are other elegant and popular styles that could guide you in choosing the right clutch purse for that romantic evening affair.

Antique Frame Purses. Distinguished with its silver or gold frame closure, this purse is attractively trendy. It is also one of the most secure in the lines of clutch purses, which are often designed with shimmering sequins and colorful bead crystals.

Envelope Purses. Shaped like a long slender envelope, this purse is also stunningly sophisticated satin material, which is also embellished or covered with shining sequins or beads. You can secure your essentials here with its snap closure and since it lacks straps or handles one can gracefully carry it either in hand or under the arm.

Wrist Purses. This purse is a perfect example of strapped or chained clutch purse. Most of wrist purses are cylindrical in shape with a soft drawstring chain or leather handle that, of course, designed to fit fragile wrist of women.

Although with its very small size, where one can hardly put everything, women still find the purse elegant. In fact, clutch purses are one of the most perfect picks for evening bags. A gold clutch purse, for instance, is a complementing match for that regal black velvet evening gown. There are some bigger in size styles that allow one to carry more everyday essentials like slim cellular phone, a lipstick, or perhaps a mini mirror.

Through time, clutch purses have truly proven that there are great wonders in small things.

Trends for Fall show clutch bags are the must-have purse of the season! But for all the clutches on parade be sure to check out the forum thread!

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