Thursday, May 03, 2007

Doing It Maxi Style This Summer

It transpired at the end of last month that the ultra short lengths being touted since last winter by fashion 'directors' as the only way to wear your skirt or dress in summer 2007, aren't proving to be the only way to go in hemlines. Some may choose to go up, but others are going downwards in a blessed (for me certainly! I'm not exactly leggy you see) resurgence in popularity of the maxi or patio dress.

High street chain Miss Selfridge saw one version sell out in the first day, and other stores are seeing a similar trend in longer length sales. I suppose when offered as an alternative to trying to layer the ultra fashionable micro-mini over leggings in the mid summer heat it's bound to appeal to those that don't want to reveal all. But surely the best way to go is vintage - a few have certainly caught my eye whilst browsing my fellow VFG member's offerings.

This early Laura Ashley dress from has been on my list of wants for a while now - and if you're quick this floaty patio dress(pictured) from cactusandcattails on may still be up for grabs - very much the thing and with a matching wrap to boot! Or for those of you wishing to rock a psychedelic vibe how about this fab paisley number - a steal at under $30, from aVenir Fashions at Lastly, you can't go wrong with Mr Beene, as this chiffon and polkadot affair at goes a long way toward proving.

Of course there are plenty more out there, but I shan't give them all away. I may just go shopping myself in a minute..


Maggie said...

I LOVE this long summer dress trend! Short is great, but if you really want to relax and stay cool, the best thing ever is a long hem...why else would there be so many long dresses from Hawaii? Thank you for highlighting this great style!

Sara said...

Let it be a MAXI summer!!... call it a patio dress or what you will, but let it be VINTAGE!!


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