Friday, April 06, 2007

Inspiring Picks

The VFG Blog is participating in a fabulous cross promotion between our Forums, Sellers and the popular Vintage Inspirations feature.

Each Tuesday we'll post some pics of our favorite items from sellers who fit the current themes of Vintage Inspirations.

Spring '07 styles are:

Back to the Future
Beauty in the Details
Prints Charming & Prints Valiant
Black & White
Up the Vampage

We're taking all the legwork out of searching for items that fit these latest trends by bringing the cream of the crop directly to you each week! So be sure to check back this Tuesday (and every Tuesday after that!) for the looks everyone wants this season.

Psssst! Want a sneak peek of the contenders? Check the VFG Forums for the posted eye candy and info on when the items you want will be available!

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