Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Longtime VFG member Jonathan Walford's books are always eagerly anticipated. The subject of his writings range from shoes, to forties fashion, to paper dresses. His latest is 1950s American Fashion.

The 1950s was the first decade when American fashion became truly American. The United States had historically relied upon Europe for its style leads, but during World War II, when necessity became the mother of invention, the country had to find its own way. American designers looked to what American women needed and found new inspirations for American fashion design. 
Sportswear became a strength, but not at the expense of elegance. Easy wear materials were borrowed for producing more formal clothes, and versatile separates and adaptable dress and jacket suits became hallmarks of American style. This book follows the American fashion industry, from New York’s 7th Avenue to the beaches of California in search of the clothes that created 1950s American fashion.

To purchase 1950s American Fashion, visit Jonathan Walford’s Amazon page

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Giselle said...

Sounds great, I might just have to get myself a copy. :)


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