Sunday, October 30, 2011

Oct 24th Fashion Parade: The VFG Goes Goth

Goth as a style is now vintage, and it was certainly vintage-inspired from its start in the early 80s.

This week the VFG takes a walk on the dark side with Victorian clothing, black leather, mourning jewelry, fishnets, corsets, lace, black, black and more black (tinged with the occasional purple and scarlet).

Black Velvet 1920's Clutch Evening Coat offered by Viva Vintage Clothing

Antique Beaver Top Hat available at Poppy's Vintage Clothing

Victorian Black Mourning Bodice Top with Sequins & Beads offered by
Vintage Devotion

You can find more fabulous vintage items from more sellers at the WEEKLY VINTAGE FASHION GUILD PARADE!


Miss Meadows said...

We all have a little goth living inside of us. Sometimes it's nice to let that little gloomer out - the vintage way of course! :)

Diamonds said...

Great to see these vintage items, very noir.

Mr. Raghab said...

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