Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Harry Angelo, Models of 1923: Renee

Renée is a bit of a mystery. She dropped out of press coverage in 1931, most likely a victim of the Depression. However, she was a young woman then, only 34 years old. I do wonder if she joined another house as premier or directrice?  Balenciaga's premier was Mlle. Renee d'Esling. I wonder.... If anyone knows more about her, please let me know!


Mlle. Renée,  started as a premier at the House of Mme. Cheruit. Born in 1893, she was only 22 when the New York Times wrote in 1915 : “Mlle. Renee may one day be the Mme. Cheruit of the Place Vendome. She has the same simple taste, just as personal in its own way as the greater and more famous woman. She is 22 years old, and we already owe to her the mode of the open-neck blouse, as well as the lovely flaring lingerie collars and organdie gowns which everybody copied from this house last season”. By 1916, she was referred to as the designer for Cheruit, and in 1917, called “the moving spirit at Cheruit”. She had her own house by 1919 at 50, Avenue de Champs-Elysées and received coverage at least in the US papers on a par with the top houses.  So by the time......

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Renee, 1923 models nos. 28 and 29


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