Saturday, February 26, 2011

Harry Angelo Catalog,March 1923 Installment #2

The House of Agnes is certainly well represented in this catalog. I haven't made a strict count, but I would say they? she? sold Harry Angelo the most models that season. This is a house that was open 1906 -1931 and then until 1963 as Agnes-Drecoll. Not the milliner. That's a different Agnes. Ans here's an interesting note. These are Spring fashions. The catalogue is dated March. Today, fashions are shown almost 7 - 8 months in advance.
Correction: I just found a write up for the house of Agnes in the 9/26/1899 New York Sun. So the 1906 date is wrong.

No. 6 Agnes
"Formal coat and dress costume of white crepe romaine with heavily embroidered pattern in white soutache. The three quarter length coat is made on mandarin lines with a narrow collar of tailed ermine. The bodice of the dress is extensively embroidered and the skirt is made with four embroidered panels posed on a foundation also embroidered. Embroidery pattern No. 106"
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