Sunday, November 22, 2009

Feeling the Forties: Prints

from the archives

The colder weather and lack of leaves on the trees make these 1940s floral prints look awfully good. What was/is it about rayon that makes it take the prints so well? Regardless, some of the neatest, clearest and most colorful vintage prints were done on rayon. Personal preference are the ones of the 1940s, but there were great prints throughout the 30s , 40s and 50s. Tropical prints are in a league of their own, naturally. And in a price league of their own as well!
Without futher ado, for your enjoyment on a gray November day:

from 1940s Taffeta Print Dress with Shawl Collar

from 1940s Vintage Gown by DuBarry

from : 1940's Floral Print Halter Dress


Anonymous said...

Oh MY! Beautiful prints!

Ayleen said...

wonderfull dresses!!!


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