Saturday, October 24, 2009

October 19 Fashion Parade *Glad for Plaid*!

Glad for plaid!

A perennial favorite! As the weather cools down, tartans and plaids warm up. Why not let it be a vintage plaid dress or suit from a VFG Trade Member, for quality and unique flair?

Vintage Plaid Full Skirted Shirt Waist Dress -- Bust 34 -- Size XS from

Vintage 49-er Style Jacket Labeled The Prospector by Algene from

Vintage 50s Jantzen Red Plaid Cotton Swimsuit Playsuit 14 B34 from GLAMOURSURF

You can find more fabulous vintage plaid dresses, suits, scarves, and luggage from more sellers at the VINTAGE FASHION GUILD FASHION PARADE!


MrJeffery said...

yay for plaid! love these.

bags said...

Plaid is hot this fall - We have done well with our plaid lunch bags and computer totes.


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