Saturday, June 06, 2009

June 1 Fashion Parade *Swim/Beachwear on the Vintage Beach*

Swim/Beachwear on the Vintage Beach:
Time to hit the sand in vintage style, from the top of your vintage sunhat, to the bottom of your vintage sandals. Every bathing beauty knows that vintage swimsuits are the best, so find your best beachwear by shopping VFG members.

Blue velvet & sheer polka dot 50's Cole of California pin-up swimsuit, size M from VIVA VINTAGE CLOTHING

Men's swimwear, including fish print Catalina's, from

And to go with that fish print 40s pair of trunks, a new-old-stock matching women's 2 piece suit! Also from Glamoursurf....

Here's a fun little 2 piece by "KnitSkin - Kamehameha" S/M LIVING DOLL VINTAGE on eBay

Check out more beach worthy summer vintage from VFG members on the VINTAGE FASHION GUILD FASHION PARADE!

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