Friday, May 29, 2009

May 25th Fashion Parade *The LOOK: Late 60s to Mid 70s Songstresses*

GET THE LOOK: Late 60s to mid 70's Songstresses
Between the big bands and rock, but before disco came, there were the Singer/Songwriters of the pre and post Woodstock era. These women blazed trails in music and fashion and helped form the basis of the modern woman. We honor the looks of Cher, Joan Baez, Joni Mitchell, Carole King, Janis Joplin, Grace Slick, Stevie Nicks and Christie McVie, amongst others.

Late 1960's/70's suede hip huggers ensemble from LISTIT CAFE

1970s maxi dress is by Lanz from

Lace up vinyl 60s micro mini dress fromSCARLETBIRD VINTAGE on etsy

Check out more fantastic songstress worthy vintage from VFG members on the VINTAGE FASHION GUILD FASHION PARADE!

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