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June 23***VFG Fashion Parade***Victorian & Edwardian

Clothing from these eras makes us sigh in wonder and delight. Show us your Victorian and Edwardian goods!

Victorian Velvet B. Altman & Co. Velvet Mantlet - Circa 1880's from LISTITCAFE........



Check out more very lovely and VERY vintage at VINTAGE FASHION GUILD'S PUBLIC FORUM!

Vintage Fashion Guild **FEATURED MEMBERS OF THE WEEK!**

Please help me in congratulating our Vintage Fashion Guild Featured Members for the week of June 25, 2008...
Sarah of Sarah's Vintage Fashions
Sarah's Vintage Fashions

Sarah is from is from North Central California. She has been a Sixth Grade Public School Teacher for the past 27 years. About 12 years ago she became fascinated with vintage fashions. This fascination became a passion and she now has in her collection thousands of vintage clothing items from the 20s through the 60s.
In her spare time (when..I don't know), she sells on eBay under SarahsVintage and she hopes to have a website up and running soon.
Here is an item she is offering this week - a 1950’s Sky Blue Chantilly Lace Over Slipper Satin Dinner Dress and in a size Large, too!
50s Chantilly Lace Slipper Satin Dress at sarahsvintage

Next is Kim from Serene Jane and
Serene Jane

Kim is a UK VFG member. She says..."..My love of vintage (and Elvis) began many years ago when as a young girl I dressed in my Mum's old crinolines and pretended to be a bride. By my teens I insisted on making my school uniforms to old 50's patterns and was pretty much seen as " a little odd"! This did not worry my at all as I just adored the era and let's face it, as this was the time of Punk and New Romantics, I was actually pretty normal! I adore the glamour of the great Hollywood years of the 1940's through to the early 1960's."
In 2007 she opened a shop space with a friend who restores furniture and she started her website,
She also sells on ebay and here is an item from her store...
Look at this 50s Cotton Cutwork Summer Dress...(click to view)

And last but certainly not least is...
Gayle of of Sewing Machine Girl's Salon
Sewing Machine Girl's Salon on eBay

Gayle is one of our VFG members from Australia and is active on our forums. She tells us that..."...historical and vintage clothing is my passion!. I work as a Theatre costumier, in Queensland,Australia, and have done so for many years,so pretty well my whole life is spent either making, sourcing, collecting or researching costumes and vintage clothing. My specialty areas are Vintage Lingerie,Stockings, Gloves and Vintage shoes, especially items that have never been worn and are still in the original packaging .I also collect Vintage Children's wear, Men's Ties and Menswear,including Mens underwear and accessories.My favourite items are from the 1930's through to the 1950's, but I also sell unique pieces right thru to the 1970's."
Check out this 50s Circle Stitched Bullet Bra at Gayle's store on eBay..WOWZA...
50s Circle Stitch Bullet Bra

**VFG Featured Members are highlighted on our homepage , the VFG Blog , VFG myspace and Squidoo , together with a forum newsletter.
We hope you will stop by this thread and say hello and congratulate this week's Featured Members.
Cheers from your VFG Site Committee members...Pinky-A-GoGo, pastperfect2, denisebrain, fuzzylizzie, hatfeathers and vintageclothesline. Also our VFG Blog Chairman, dorotheascloset and myspace Chairman, ikonicvintage.

Friday, June 20, 2008

The VFG Mourns the Loss of Tasha Tudor

Tasha Tudor, reknowned illustrator of children's books, master gardener and prolific collector of vintage and antique clothing, passed away June 18, 2008 at the age of 92.


"By Valerie J. Nelson, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
June 20, 2008

Tasha Tudor, a children's book illustrator and author whose delicate and dreamy artwork was featured in about 80 books, including a 1944 edition of "Mother Goose" that was so successful it enabled her to buy a farm and create a lifestyle rooted in the early 19th century, has died. She was 92.

Tudor died Wednesday of complications related to old age at her home in Marlboro, Vt., her family announced.

Long admired for their charm, her books were filled with sentimental yet realistic illustrations of quaint New England settings, intricate floral borders and often-barefoot children whose clothes reflected the 1830s, her favorite time period.

After publishing her first book, "Pumpkin Moonshine" in 1938, Tudor illustrated a number of classics, including 1962 editions of "The Secret Garden" and "The Night Before Christmas." Her final book, "Corgiville Christmas," published in 2003, reflected her passion for the Welsh corgi dogs she surrounded herself with and also featured in the book that was her favorite -- "Corgiville Fair" (1971).

Twice, she was a runner-up for the Caldecott Medal, in 1945 for her artwork in "Mother Goose" and in 1957 for "1 is One," her book of verse.

With the royalties from "Mother Goose," Tudor purchased a rundown house from the 1790s in New Hampshire that had no electricity or running water. On 450 acres, she raised four children, who sometimes posed for illustrations in period garb.

Her chosen lifestyle came from "nostalgia for a day and time that was more peaceful and slow," Tudor told the Chicago Tribune in 1991. When she went to town, her children "were very careful to walk a good 10 or 12 feet behind me so that they wouldn't be associated with . . . a rather different-looking woman."

Later, she figured she must have done something right when three of her children adopted her lifestyle as adults.

She credited the commercialism of her art to the need to earn a living after divorcing her husband, Thomas L. McCready, whom she married in 1938. An author and suburbanite, he was not cut out for such a rural existence.

"If I had married a man who could have supported me I would have ended up making paper dolls and gardening. But the wolf at the door is very good for people," Tudor said in the Tribune.

The nearly 40 books she illustrated for others often featured popular fairy tales, nursery rhymes, prayers and Scripture. Her artwork also appeared in books written by her former husband and in others by a daughter, Efner.

Reviewers often praised the 44 books Tudor wrote and illustrated for evoking the beauty and ideals of an era long past. Often working in watercolor and pen and ink, she had a style that critics called peaceful, that showed an appreciation for family life, animals and nature. Painting at her kitchen table, she wore handmade, ankle-length dresses that were fashionable in the early 1800s.

In 1971, she moved to Vermont and lived in a replica of a house from the mid-1700s that was built with hand tools by her son Seth, who lived next door.

"I ask people how old they think it is, and they always guess 150 years, if not more," Tudor said in the Boston Globe in 1994. "It's lots of fun to fool them."

She grew most of what she ate, kept a menagerie of animals, and spun and wove flax into fabrics. Her main concessions to modern convenience were a telephone and a car.

In the early 1990s, Tudor announced that she was quitting public appearances, partly because it was hard to find someone who could watch the house and knew how to milk a goat.

Unconventionality was a hallmark of her life.

She was born Starling Burgess on Aug. 28, 1915, in Boston, the daughter of yacht designer William Starling Burgess and portrait painter Rosamond Tudor.

Her father called her Natasha, after a favorite literary heroine. She later legally changed her name to Tasha Tudor.

After her parents divorced when she was 9, her mother opened an art studio in New York but didn't want to raise her daughter there. Tudor was sent to Redding, Conn., to live with close friends, a rambunctious family that emphasized imaginative play, Tudor later recalled.

Her formal education ended in eighth grade, but she had already begun selling small drawings to classmates for 25 cents apiece.

Over the years, Tudor created hundreds of Christmas cards for the Irene Dash Greeting Card Co. that became collectibles. Several of her books showcased her gardening, crafts-making and cooking.

Her work has been shown in museums, including the Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Folk Art Museum in Colonial Williamsburg and the Chrysler Museum of Art in Norfolk, Va.

After the first of three coffee table books about her -- "The Private Life of Tasha Tudor" -- was published in 1992, interest in her books increased. People realized her art was not fiction but came from her life.

"I believe in moderation in all things," Tudor once said, "except gardening and antique collecting."

Tudor's survivors include her four children, Bethany Wheelock, Seth Tudor, Thomas Strong and Efner Strong Tudor Holmes; and her grandchildren.

Tasha at work creating magic for the children of the world....

Some of her work...

Some of Tasha's antique clothing collection auctioned last fall by WHITAKER AUCTIONS

French Silk Visiting Dress, 1860s....

Purple Silk Civil War Dress, America....

Blue & White Striped Exercise Suit, France, 1890s.....

A Tudor dress in VICTORIA MAGAZINE.....

The world will mourn her gentle and artistic spirit.

June 16***VFG Fashion Parade***Summer Camp

From swimsuits to bowling shirts, we've got vintage sportswear for you!

A fantastic sparkling 50s swimsuit available at DAMNGOODVINTAGE........

60s Vintage Liberty Circle plaid skort dress at the VINTAGE CLOTHESLINE....

40's white twill gym suit from DOROTHEA'S CLOSET VINTAGE....

Check out more sporty vintage at the VINTAGE FASHION GUILD'S PUBLIC FORUM!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

***VFG Featured Members!***

Yes! It is that time again to resume our Featured Member segment on the homepage of the Vintage Fashion Guild website . This will be starting our second season of featuring three trade members a week. Starting the alphabet where we left off, our first Featured Member for 2008 is................
Laureen of

A new VFG Member from California USA, she has this to say about herself..."Like so many other vintage clothing aficionados, the love affair with vintage clothes began very young, initiated by a thrifting grandmother, and further honed by Mom, who was something of an expert at unearthing treasures. Regularly coming home with fabulous dress-up booty - everything from luscious, frothy 1950's crinolines and evening gowns to fur stoles and costume jewelry - resulted in a dress-up collection the envy of all my girl friends."
We fell in love with a yellow 70s jersey dress on her website. Click the image to see...

Next is Samaya from

Samaya is another new VFG member from the UK. She tells us her favorite decades for vintage clothing would be the 20s, 30s and 40s but that she loves it all and really doesn't specialize. She also says..."I have been wearing vintage for over ten years and started to sell vintage costume jewellery and accessories at fairs 2 or 3 years ago and have now a large collection of vintage clothing, fabric and accessories and do 1 or 2 fairs a month including The London Vintage Fashion and Textiles fair in Hammersmith and Frock Me in Chelsea."
Look at this 50s floral Dior featured on her website...(click to view)

By the way, for her 2008 fair dates, click HERE
And last but certainly not least is...
Sara of of

Sara is a very active UK VFG member. As a former fashion buyer and retail fashion manager Sara has a discerning eye for authentic and classic items. "I only seek out quality items for SARA'S ATTIC if they incorporate authenticity and a touch of practicality!"
Sara is the envy of all here for her publicity skills having been featured in more news media than I can count, some of which are...The Sunday Times Culture - SELVEDGE - 'B'magazine - Webuser -COUNTRY LIVING - Daily Mail - RED Magazine Independent - 50 Best Vintage Fashion Shops = 3rd/50 - - New - It's on the Net - - CUMBRIA LIFE - The Essential Wedding Guide.
Be sure to visit her press page HERE
Check out this luxe 60s two-piece gold party suit on her website!


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June 9***VFG Fashion Parade***Let's Get Patriotic

Red, White, & Blue always make a great color combination. And they're oh so patriotic!

First an adorable babydoll minidress available at MAGSRAGS........

50s Jantzen soft cotton knit top, with tag from DENISEBRAIN on eBay....

1940's Rose Marie Reid swimsuit from FREUDIAN SLIPS VINTAGE....

Check out more fab vintage red white and blue at VINTAGE FASHION GUILD'S PUBLIC FORUM!

Friday, June 06, 2008


Check out a fascinating interview with the son of designer ALEX COLMAN at THE VINTAGE TRAVELER by VFG member Fuzzielizzie Vintage. A rare glimpse into the life of a prolific designer as told first hand from close family....something not often possible in the world of vintage fashion!

JUne 2***VFG Fashion Parade***Hawaiian Luau

Show us some Hawaiian prints!

1950's Royal Hawaiian Mandarin Dress and Matador Pants from LISTISTCAFE........

Men's 50's Kamehameha Hawaiian Ferns Rayon Shirt L from FAST EDDIE'S RETRO RAGS....


Check out more fab vintage accessories on the VINTAGE FASHION GUILD'S PUBLIC FORUM!

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VFG Must Read **A Fashion Museum In the Making!**

The Vintage Fashion Guild's very own Jonathan Walford (author of the book THE SEDUCTIVE SHOE: FOUR CENTURIES OF FASHION FOOTWEAR, available on was written up in the Cambridge Times for his work at building a fashion history museum in Canada. From the article....

"They have purchased and renovated a house, put the collection in storage here and assembled a board of directors to tackle the mountain of legal paperwork necessary to create the museum. They are also building bridges with others in the fields of contemporary fashion and museums. Their work is already beginning to bear fruit as they are now in the process of accepting donations from the UK and United States. They have also established a healthy working relationship with several major American fashion museums.

The museum's collection has approximately 8,000 artifacts that reach back as far as 1200 BC with an Egyptian textile fabric fragment, but also articles of clothing from the 17th to 20th century."

Read the rest HERE

Go Jonathan! We'll keep you all updated and will be the first to toast the Grand Opening!

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Au Revoir YSL

Yves Saint Laurent has passed away at the age of 71.


Lets not dwell on the sad. Lets dwell on the beautiful.

From a retrospective....

Incredible blue dress on Kirsten Dunst....

A killer print on Chloe Sevigny....

Tom Tierney paper doll book....

Available from VFG member VINTAGE-A-PEEL.UK a Rive Gauche blouse


Fab fedora from LISTITCAFE





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