Friday, October 19, 2007

VFG Featured Members 10.19.07


Another Time Collectibles & Vintage Clothing

Another Time "I have been passionate about vintage and antique clothing since I was 8 years old and fashioned a wedding party of my neighborhood friends, all swathed in my mother's old, long, white, gauzy curtains. Years of estate sales have enriched my collection, my life, and my eBay sales with a wonderful assortment of antique and vintage clothing, from the 1830s to 1990s designer creations."

Love Me Two Times Vintage Boutique

Love Me Two Times "Hello, my name is Angelina and I will admit I am a Vintage ADDICT!! I have been addicted to vintage clothing for years for years having to stop in every small town and hit all the church rummage, big open flea markets, and every antique shop I can find and I do believe I have been to almost every one in my years. Oh and NOW I am the owner of Love Me Two Times!~Vintage Boutique & Vamp of Vintage Auctions~Vintage Auctions & Listings start every night!! at 10P est."

Lucky Coconuts Vintage

Lucky Coconuts "Most vintage items are unique in the sense that you will never find another of the exact same piece. If you do, it will surely be the result of some serious work on your part or just plain luck! So, when you buy vintage, you don't have to worry about another girl showing up at your prom in the dress! So when you want to look like a woman with unique style, rather than an advertisement for Corporate America, buy vintage! Movie-star-fashionistas do it all the time, why not you? Visit us today at ."

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