Thursday, August 23, 2007

VFG Fashion Parade: Suit Up

Those of you who follow the fashion runways know that fitted, feminine suits are coming back in a big way for Fall 2007. And, of course, a classic look like this never goes out of style! Take a look at these beauties now available from VFG members!

Classic 1940's Wool Suit from Contentment Farm

1970's Belted Plaid Bond Street Skirt Suit from

Edwardian 1908-14 Flecked Tweed Walking Suit from Morning Glorious Collectibles

1950's Lavender and Purple Check Suit from

There are always great things to choose from with these VFG Fashion Parade themes, but this week is truly amazing. I couldn't even begin to showcase all the beauties that the members are rolling out for Fall this week. You'll just have to check the forums!

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