Monday, July 16, 2007

Swag for the Studs

The VFG Blog got a shout out today DC Goodwill Fashion Blog and we thought we'd wholeheartedly agree with their view on the state of mens fashions!

"Quality men's vintage can be incredibly hard to find, as the gals on the blog Vintage Fashion Guild have noted numerous times. That doesn't mean some great pieces aren't out there, though, especially for a slim man of average height (about 5'10" according to the latest statistics). You just have to know where to look!"

Truer words have never been spoken! And although Goodwills and other thrift stores are a great place to look and find a diamond in the rough, we know that having a real selection at your fingertips of vintage men's fashions is hard to come by.

I've dug up some great selections from VFG members that are sure to dapper any don!

Is that window just not drool worthy? And from what I'm reading on Circa Vintage Clothing's blog there's more where that came from inside their Australian shop.

And as always there's fantastic vintage from Couture Allure Vintage Fashion like this super snazzy 50's olive brown fedora by Dobbs. Personally, I'm a sucker for embroidered pearl snap button western shirts on a fella and this 70's coffee & cream colored one from Hatfeathers Vintage is a nice one.

Men's vintage is out there and even though it may sometimes be tough to find something just right, it's definitely worth the hunt guys! We girls appreciate a sharp dressed man. ;)

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