Friday, September 15, 2006

Vintage Weekends V

Some vintage related things to do for the weekend of September 15th - September 17th, 2006:

San Francisco, CA
The Vintage Fashion Expo - September 16, 2006 - September 17, 2006 - Nob Hill Masonic Center - Each Expo includes 75 to 100 dealers from across the country and the clothing, textiles, jewelry, and accessories they offer for sale cover a span of more than 125 years as diverse as the repressed Victorian era, the Roaring Twenties, the humorous platform-shoe/hip-hugging era of the 1970s and the more recent Retro Styles sought by today’s fashion-conscious teens and twenty-somethings.

Toronto, Canada
Icons of Elegance: Influential Shoe Designers of the 20th Century - On display until September 17, 2006 - The Bata Shoe Museum - Of the myriad shoemakers creating footwear at any given time, only a few shoe designers capture the imagination. The footwear in this exhibition ranges from exquisite examples of handcrafted perfection to shoes that rival modern sculpture as artworks in their own right. With over 100 artifacts selected from both the Bata Shoe Museum's collection and international collections, this is the first time in North America that shoes with such significance in the history of design and Western culture have been brought together. Surprising and intellectually engaging, Icons of Elegance celebrates the extraordinary.

New York, NY
Love & War: The Weaponized Woman - September 9, 2006 - December 16, 2006 - The Museum at FIT - Joan of Arc is an unlikely fashion icon, but designers today are increasingly channeling the spirit of warrior women. Love & War: The Weaponized Woman takes an unprecedented look at the influence of armor and other military styles on fashion. But it’s not all chain mail and camouflage. Love & War is the first exhibition to suggest that modern women’s fashion is profoundly inspired by what might be called the discourse of silk and steel, as designers reference both armor and lingerie.

London, England
Sixties Fashion - June 6, 2006 - February 25, 2007 - Victoria & Albert Museum - This exhibition explores the development of Sixties fashion from the mid-1950s to the early 1970s, linking it to London's different fashion districts and celebrating the contribution made by young British designers to a world-wide fashion revolution.

New York, NY
Black Style Now - Septmeber 9, 2006 - February 19, 2007 - Museum of the City of New York - It's dynamic and diverse, bold and colorful. It's street style and it's high fashion. It's sexy, soulful, athletic, and all about attitude. Explore how black style has evolved in New York City and how the hip-hop revolution has turned fashion on its head. Hip hop--today America's most important cultural export--has made black style big business, bringing attention to black designers and claiming a huge market of consumers--black and not--who have been eager to buy the latest in Black Style Now.

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