Sunday, April 14, 2013

Tulle ~ VFG Fashion Parade for week of April 8th


An essential part of so many formal gowns, tulle puts the princess in princess skirts, the froth in frothy and the frou in frou-frou.

From the VFG Fabric Resource: Fine netting with a hexagonal mesh, tulle may be of silk (as it was originally), cotton or rayon, but most commonly nylon since the 1950s. In 1768, the netting was machine made for the first time in Notthingham, England. The French city of Tulle first produced its namesake netting by machine in 1817, much aided by the invention of the bobbinet machine in 1806.

Vintage 60s MIKE BENET Cupcake Dress Red Strapless Full Skirt XS
from Couture Allure

50s Crinoline Vintage Pastel Rainbow Ombre Tiered Net
at MagsRags Vintage

Vintage 60s Full Tiered Skirt Lace and Tulle Wedding Gown Dress, Sm Med
offered by vintagebaubles at MyVintageCocktail

You can find more fabulous vintage items from more sellers at the

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