Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spring has arrived at the VFG!

Spring is here, and so is Spring 2013 Vintage Inspiration!

Every fall and spring the VFG pays tribute to the vintage influences on modern fashion, a feature we call Vintage Inspiration.

Designers took 1950s-style full-skirted sundresses out for a spin at the fashion shows this spring, and found new inspiration in black and white, especially mod 1960s looks. With all the eyelets, openwork and cut-outs to be found in spring 2013 collections, it is hard not to think of the vintage ways of achieving these lacy effects. Finally, 1930s-style florals brought charm to the runways, a sweetness borrowed from our mothers’ and grandmothers’ closets.

As of the date of publication, all the vintage items shown are for sale—Think of this as a pop-up boutique from the members of the VFG!

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