Sunday, December 02, 2012

Ruby Lane Featured Seller Blog - Mary Henderson - The Vintage Merchant

I am very pleased to introduce our 6th featured seller for the VFG Ruby Lane blog and here she is - Mary Henderson from  

1. What was your first vintage acquisition and where is it now?

A 1950s shirt-jac style white rayon "Service Bowling Shirt" that says "Cozy Corner" in red script embroidery on the back, and "Mary" on the front. It's still in my personal closet...I absolutely cannot part with it.  I still LOVE it! 

2.  What was your favorite or best buy ever?

My favorite item ever was a peek-a-boo cut-out waistline go-go mini dress made of hot pink and acid orange Tahitian print cotton that I found down in Waikiki; the shop's been gone since the late 80s, but I found a gorgeous pair of Bauhaus style color block stiletto heels there, and more than a few fabulous cold rayon and silkie Hawaiian shirts, too.

3.  What was your most unusual buying experience?

One very well-attended estate sale had an auctioneer and assistant that obviously were unaware of the value of vintage hats, as the assistant kept putting them on his slicked back greasy hair to "model" them for the crowd...the bidding for a "choice" auction of a selection of three hats would be begin and would be brisk, then he'd plop one on his (very greasy) head:  an audible groan would go up, while others would twitter with laughter, and boom: the bidding would slow and/or stop.   

There was enough laughter that he did it again and again, while the bidding definitely dropped was so frustrating for those of us who were serious hat buyers that evening. 
4.  If you had a time machine which decade or year would you choose to go back to and bring back some clothing or jewelry ?

The 1930s for those incredible bias cut gowns.  or the 1940s for those fabulous novelty print dresses and structured suits.  or the 1950s for the delightful day dresses!  

5.  What are your favorite, most helpful reference materials/sources?

R. Turner Wilcox has two books that we love: "The Mode in Costume" and "The Mode in Hats & Headdress." When it comes to shoes, there is no better source book than Jonathan Walford's "The Seductive Shoe";  for basics, I love our "Vogue Sewing" book;  and for jewelry, C Jeanenne Bell's book "Old Jewelry 1840-1950" is my absolute favorite.

6.  What item were you most tempted to keep that is available in your shop right now? 

Definitely this 1970s velveteen skirt suit...


Mary said...

thanks for this opportunity, MJ. xoxo

AlleyCatsVintage said...

Great interview.

Past Perfect Vintage Clothing said...

What a treat to learn more about Mary. Thank you!

denisebrain said...

Lovely items and great to hear Mary's stories!

ClubVintageFashions said...

Great interview! That bowling shirt sounds fabulous.

Lizzie said...

Hi Mary! I think it is great that you still have your first vintage purchase.

Pauline S. Franco said...

Love this post!


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