Monday, December 17, 2012

Ruby Lane Featured Blog Seller - Debra Cantrelle - Deco Modern Vintage

I am very pleased to introduce our 9th featured seller for the VFG Ruby Lane blog and here she is - Debra Cantrelle from  
Deco Modern Vintage

1. What was your first vintage acquisition and where is it now?

My always chic and stylish Grandmother McDaniel gave me a beautiful hand beaded 1950s white on white cardigan sweater while I was still in high school.   Although my Grandmother is gone, I still have that cardigan sweater and treasure it. 

2. What was your favorite or best buy ever?

There's been so many but I'd have to say three pairs of 40s platform shoes in my size - as discussed in number 3 below. 

3. What was your most unusual buying experience?

Several years ago I went to an estate sale really not expecting much.  I went into the back bedroom and opened the 12 foot long closet and swooned when I saw it was stuffed with ladies clothes from the 50s through the early 80s.   I was the first and only person in that room and pulled out piles of dresses and suits.  Apparently the homeowner had kept her favorites from each era.  I sold my final piece from that haul just last summer. 

On a side note there was a stack of vintage shoes in boxes sitting on a card table.  I pulled out three pairs of 40s platforms for resale.  Several days later I was examining the shoes and noticed they looked larger than most 40s shoes which are usually size 5 or 6.   I tried the shoes on and was amazed when they fit - a contemporary size 8 medium.  

4. If you had a time machine which decade or year would you choose to go back to and bring back some clothing or jewelry?

Definitely the 1940s - the entire decade spanning the wartime fashions to the postwar New Look era. 

5. What are your favorite, most helpful reference materials/sources?

The Vintage Fashion Guild Label Resource and Fabric Resource, of course!  I also have several reference books on vintage clothes and jewelry I like to look through. 

6. What item were you most tempted to keep that is available in your shop right now?  

That's a tough one - probably my 20s peach flapper dress.

Vintage 40s - 50s Metallic Pink Lizagator Platform Shoes - I. Miller - Saks Fifth Ave. original box


AlleyCatsVintage said...

Beautiful shop! I love the flapper dress.

denisebrain said...

Debbie always has gorgeous items in her shop. She seems to have an eye for the dramatic—really stellar—vintage pieces!


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