Friday, September 14, 2012

Fresh Vintage: Sept 13th - 19th, 2012

Yes, it is NY Fashion Week and so let's also get a look at the freshest (and best) Vintage available from VFG trade members!

Vintage 1930s Cobalt Blue Celluloid Button Set Art Deco Moderne from JoulesVintage on Etsy

So once again if you like what you see above and would like to see even more, please just follow the link below to view more of our Fresh Vintage offerings for this week.



christian jenny said...

The pictures are looking so gorgeous specially number 1 & 4.

Bingo Room said...

What a nice tie! Geometric. I have been loving a lot prints on clothes lately. I actually bought a Vans pair of sneakers with floral prints. It looks amazing

Vintage Babe said...

You gotta love vintage ties


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