Tuesday, July 17, 2012

VFG Fashion Parade: The Decades Project: 1910-1919

Celebrating Vintage Fashion, in VFG Style.

This month, as we celebrate our 10th anniversary, we review 20th Century Fashion By Decade:
Come see REAL vintage clothing from each decade brought to you by members of the VFG.


                    Ca. 1915 Silk and Lace Dress with Turquoise Glass Beads and Velvet
                               from the archives of Belle a Coeur Treasure Trove Vintage

Diamonbar Buckle Bracelet (Patented 1917) from the personal collection of

                   Amazing opera bra and belt from the archives of Poppy's Vintage Clothing

           WWI Red Cross canteen worker's uniform from the archives of Denise Brain

You can find more fabulous vintage items from more sellers at the

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