Monday, July 02, 2012

Etsy VFGteam Featured Seller

Welcome to our VFG Blog series featuring members of the VFGteam at Etsy!

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Today's featured seller is Pam Fierro and you can visit her shop RetroWear here:

She also has two more Etsy shops:
Glamourstitch & TreasureTurf
1. When did you first get interested in vintage fashion & why?

I became interested in vintage when I started college. I was a student studying fine art with a limited budget. Going out shopping at thrift stores I began to bring home vintage items to add to my wardrobe. I always respected the fact that I was getting more value for my dollar, but also that the vintage items were made much better, and held up longer. plus they had been around a longer time than new items and I like old things. Being an artist also allowed my wardrobe to go outside of the norm, and funk things up.

2. Do you regularly wear vintage?

Yes, I mix and match my vintage with modern day items. It's fun, I can create my own sense of style every day.

3. Do you have a Holy Grail?

Oh I have a few! You know when you do a happy dance when you find a particular label or fabric treatment, those are sort of mini grails. I don't go out looking for specific items usually, I let them find me. But if I had only one to choose, it would be a Poiret.

4. If you could visit the atelier of any fashion designer (dead or alive), who would it be?

Claire McCardell. Pioneer of American Sportswear. She did it all with such ease and elegance.

5. What do you see as the future of vintage?

Hmmm, interesting question. I think the world of vintage will be much different in the future. First, items that are considered vintage now will only gain more tracking and followers if they are handled, worn, and stored properly. I also think mainstream clothing being produced today won't last as long. The majority of items today that are being produced for mass consumption do not have staying power because of the lack of quality and or materials used. However, the higher end designer items and brands that are produced with quality over quantity will survive I believe.

6. What is your favorite item in your shop?

Vintage 50s Lilli Diamond Ivory Floral Lace Wedding Wiggle Dress w/ Matching Bolero Jacket B36

Here are a few more items from Pam's shops:
Vintage 60s Alfred Shaheen Shift, Dress and Skirt Pattern sz 6 thru 18 UNCUT

NWT Vintage 50s Evelyn Pearson Lounging Full Skirt Dress sz 12 B 36

Vintage Sterling Silver and Large Blue Mabe Pearl Necklace Brooch Pin

Vintage 70s Famolare Be-Hi Strappy Wavy Wedge Sandals 9.5N

Vintage 60s Fully Sequined Lime Green Silk Cocktail Evening Wiggle Dress B38

Pam also has a website,


Metro Retro Vintage said...

What a great interview! And it's wonderful to see the woman behind such amazing shops!

Catwalk Creative Vintage said...

Lovely interview. :)

denisebrain said...

Pam is just plain Awesome. Great to see how she thinks and where she came from, vintage-wise.


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