Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mark Shaw Extraordinary Photographer of Fashion and Celebrities

Jackie Kennedy by Mark Shaw c:1961

The name Mark Shaw may not be familiar to you, but I'm sure his work is, especially the famous photograph above. Mr. Shaw was one of the most amazing photographers ever.

I discovered him about 10 years ago while researching Vanity Fair and immediately became an avid collector of his advertising for their line, which ran for 10 years begining in the 1950s. His work decorates my office walls and brings peace and beauty to where I work.

He portrayed lingerie as elegant and beautiful, rarely showing the model's face, focusing instead on the glamorous lingerie and adding to the mystic of it.

Vanity Fair Ad

Designers adored Mark Shaw, and he was in high demand from them as he could portray their fashions like no other. He was one of the rare photographers allowed back stage before run way shows.

Givency c:1955

Celebrities trusted him. He photographed many Hollywood stars like Elizabeth Taylor, Brigitte Bardot, Princess Grace Kelly, and became the photographer for Audrey Hepburn on the set of the movie Sabrina. He brought out the beauty in all of his subjects, be it a fabulous couture gown, Audrey sitting on a sofa or Bridgitte sitting on stone stairs:

Bridgitte Bardot c:1958

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There are also several books published as well by the family of Mark Shaw for you to enjoy.

my personal collection of prints, ads and books


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