Tuesday, March 29, 2011

March Madness - Crazy Lady Sale

After 20 years of selling antiques, 13 years of online selling, it's time for this mass accumulation to GO!

I started on line selling vintage lingerie, but my passion for all vintage clothing kind of took over, so began to sell anything I found that I loved.

When I realized I couldn't fit my little car into the big garage, among many other factors, I made an "executive decision" ~ its time to purge. My passion is vintage lingerie, and am returning to my roots, everything else must go. So ~ we're having a crazy sale on Facebook only.

I'll be listing items from pottery to shoes on Facebook daily.. first come first serve! Only one of each item is available. These prices are not available at my shops, they are only on facebook.

All you have to do is leave a comment on Facebook indicating you want an item, with your zip code, and I'll change the listing to reflect the reduced price (everything BELOW cost) and your actual shipping and you can check out as usual using paypal or google checkout.

Kind of an on line garage sale ~ so I can get my garage back! :D

Find the wild and crazy deals here:

Vintage Pretties on Facebook

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