Friday, December 17, 2010

Vintage Wedding Dresses

Most of us who sell vintage clothing have handled at least a few wedding gowns. They generally involve a huge amount of work to list and understandably, the buyer expects everything to be perfect. I now tend to steer clear of wedding dresses, so was not overly excited when a woman asked if I would like to look at her mother's dress. However, it dated from the 1930's, a wonderful time for gowns. I made the trip to her home and was I ever surprised. It was a glamorous blue velvet gown and the owner knew the date of the wedding - Jan. 22, 1938.

1930's Blue Velvet Wedding Dress

Naturally I asked the woman why her mother chose blue velvet and she answered, "Because she was pregnant with me." It's a fabulous dress and the marriage lasted.

I have made several brides happy with their purchases, but I'd be surprised if this gown makes a second trip down the aisle.

Brides-to-be can have so much fun looking at the variety of vintage gowns. Here are a few of many offered by Vintage Fashion Guild members:

A 1918 Wedding Dress from Past Perfect Vintage

A 1920s Wedding Kimona from Dorthea's Closet

1920's Ivory Flapper Era Sheer Silk Chiffon Wedding Dress from Posh Girl Vintage

A Tea-Length Gown from the 1950s from Cherish The Bride

1970s White Cotton & Lace Dress from Retro Dress

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