Sunday, December 26, 2010

Lilli Ann - Designer of Exquisite Women's Suits & Coats

Adolph Schuman started the Lilli Ann company in San Francisco in 1933, naming the company for his wife, Lillian. The company quickly became known for their beautiful, elaborately designed suits and coats as exemplified by these beauties.


This early to mid 1940s wool military influenced jacket with plastic buttons made to look like metal was recently sold by Catseye Vintage.



Schumann went to France after World War II to buy fabrics from French weavers including Blin Blin whose fabric is used in this fabulous black cashmere coat available from Catseye Vintage on Etsy (and it's on sale with a 20% off coupon code!)

Vintage 40s 50s Designer Lilli Ann Cashmere Coat with Pleated Back -- Size Large or XL from CATSEYE VINTAGE



There was a popular Lilli Ann Knits line in the 1960s, and a mod-inspired London line. The 1970s and 80s brought a career look for Lilli Ann as exemplified by these pieces currently available from After Dark Vintage on Ruby Plaza.

Vintage 1980s Mauve Lilli Ann Career Suit B36 W29 from AFTER DARK VINTAGE


Vintage 1980s Two Piece Navy Blue Lilli Ann Skirt and Blouse XL B48 from AFTER DARK VINTAGE


Adolph Schuman died in 1985. His company continued under the direction of his heirs until the company was sold in the 1990s and closed by 2000.

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