Tuesday, September 21, 2010

**Fresh Vintage** September 16

Welcome back to the next edition of Fresh Vintage, with highlights from the VFG forum's weekly thread where Vintage Fashion Guild trade members post a selection of their newest listings, offering followers a chance to see great new vintage!

First a kicky pair of grosgrain 60s pumps with rhinestone embellishment from Vintage Devotion

A 40s two piece peplum dress pattern from thespectrum

And a pair of 80s eyeglass frames, LA Frameworks brand, from Joules Vintage

Please visit this week's thread for more *Fresh Vintage*


vintage collector said...

Great site: Very good information to identify eras. Thanks "The Vintage Collector"

Maggie at MagsRags said...

You're welcome, "The Vintage Collector"! Feel free to join as a "friend" of VFG and participate in the discussions on the pubic forums. It's a great place for learning, sharing, and drooling.


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