Sunday, January 17, 2010

Vintage Cheap, But Chic: Tote-ally

Vintage tote bags are a stylish way to stay green and carry your goods with panache!

Vintage Cheap, But Chic: Tote-ally

1. Sale Beaded Raggedy Ann Andy 70s HandBag Tote Bag from fauxbrit13 - $18.00
2. Vintage Fashion Guild Tote Bag from Vintage Fashion Guild Gift Boutique - $13.99
3. Vintage 1960s Hand Embroidered Tote Bag from fuzzylizzie - $4.00
4. Vintage 60's Red White Leaf Print Ladys Pride Shopper Tote Bag Red Handles from MorningGlorious - $16.00

iKonic Vintage


dining room tables said...

I am fond really with those vintage bags because they are so flexible.

lucy said...

cute design,love the patterns, very stylish


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