Sunday, January 03, 2010

Vintage Cheap, But Chic: Kitchen Duty

Welcome back from the holidays and here's to starting & keeping those New Year's Resolutions like eating out less and cooking more. This weeks VCBC picks are ideal for cooking, cleaning and looking simply adorable in your vintage kitchen!

Vintage Cheap, But Chic: Kitchen Duty

1. Two Vintage Embroidered Floral Tea Towels from Australia from fauxbrit13 - $10.00
2. Vintage 1930s Embroidered Apron from fuzzylizzie - $12.00
3. Vintage Rooster Hostess Kitchen Apron from fauxbrit - $10.00
4. Vera blue floral printed linen dish towel, 1960s from kickshaw - $10.00

iKonic Vintage

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