Friday, November 06, 2009

November 2 Fashion Parade *Pine For It*

Pine For It!

Vintage clothing and accessories featuring tree and leaf motifs look right in season. Find a
great vintage selection among the VFG's members' offerings!

Vintage 60s Brown Velveteen Leaf Applique Purse & Hat Set from GLAD RAGS & CURIOS

LEAVES IN A STREAM Novelty Print Vintage 1950s Dress L 44 from FAST EDDIES RETRO RAGS

Brown Helen Bond Carruthers Cardigan with Appliqued Leaves from PAST PERFECT VINTAGE

You can find more fabulous vintage dresses, suits, handbags, sweaters, and shoes from more sellers at the VINTAGE FASHION GUILD FASHION PARADE!


Women's Camisole said...

This green top is really stunning. Looks so nice. It could be a great formal wear.

flashingfashionx said...

The bag so cute

Ms. B said...

Oh I LOVE the cardigan with the leaves but I'm afraid not the price :(


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