Wednesday, February 27, 2008

the Modern Rockabilly

As promised, a follow up to the entry about the origin or history of the "rockabilly" look as it applies to the fashion world. While vintage clothing sellers struggle to get their 50s wares in front of those in the rockabilly scene and RAB kids struggle to FIND the pieces they want, its important and beneficial for both parties that the sellers understand what those involved in the scene are looking for. Surprisingly, looking over pictures contributed by attendees from past weekenders at VIVA LAS VEGAS, a weekend event taking place in, you guessed it, Las Vegas, indicates the typical rockabilly scenester is wearing less and less TRUE vintage and instead opting for vintage-inspired. Manufacturers like Stop Staring!, Hot Topic and ReMix Shoes have targeted that market and done quite well. Given the size issue that can come into play as well as cost factors, its easy to see why the fans of this look are going the easier route, despite its lack of authenticity.

For those looking to learn what vintage or vintage looks those in the scene are wearing, the answers are often more obvious than you'd think. The rockabilly scene NOW has taken the traditional looks we talked about last week and caricaturized them.....souped them up, tweaked them. For the girls, that means lots of red, bold prints and bombshell figure fitting dresses that expose enough skin to show off their tattoos. Hawaiian prints are favored, along with cherries and novelty prints in bold colors....halters, strapless and backless dress silhouettes. Wiggle dresses trump full skirts. Pencil skirts, snug cigarette and capri pants, modern tank tops mixed with short sleeve vintage blouses and cardigans. Stiletto heel shoes at night, 50s sandals for day events. Some images from VLV....

Dance competitions bring out the lindy hoppers, certainly pre-50's rockabilly but the 40s look is acceptable within the scene....

Gabardine jackets with bold colors, two tone detailing and sharp cuts are favored by the men wearing vintage....

Dramatic color, exaggerated lines, wild prints and lots of RED define the contemporary rockabilly look. A parting gift.....rockabillies dancing in Japan.


Safari Lee said...

So cute! It's amazing that rockabilly is pretty much the same, the world over!

Sew Crazy Creations said...

ROckabilly is one of my favorite fashion genres. it makes it so easy to be and feel classy and beautiful no matter what size or shape a woman is.

Unfortunately, Its not so easy to buy items on a small budget. Hot topic is over priced and the quality isn't good. Stop Staring is fantastic and very well worth the price.
I much prefer to either make my own dresses or scour ebay, thrift stores and estate sales.

Wonderful research by the way!


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