Sunday, February 03, 2008

27 Vintage Dresses of February #1

There are 27 days left in February. What better time to enchant you with 27 vintage prom, party, and bridesmaid dresses? We were inspired by VFG member Denisebrain, who is playing dress-up this month at her site.

For dress #1, we couldn't resist this 1940's golden satin gown from Denisebrain on EBay.

This pour of liquid gold probably was worn once by a bridesmaid. I estimate it dates from the late 40s to early 50s. It appears to have been dressmaker made or homemade by an uncommonly skilled seamstress. The satin is weighty and gorgeous. The dress has scalloping around its neck and short sleeves. The skirt starts just a little below the waist, and it is voluminous and long--meltingly beautiful! Down the back of the dress are 24 tiny covered buttons and loops; there is also a side covered metal zipper. Along with the dress are matching gauntlets and a braided ring for the hair. The gauntlets also feature those tiny covered buttons.

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