Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Stepping Out in Style: Outerwear of the Last 150 Years

Thanks to Jody at Couture Allure Vintage for bringing this interesting exhibit to our attention. Stop by and let us know if you've visited it!

Stepping Out in Style: Outerwear of the Last 150 Years

September 4, 2007 - March 2008

Curator of Costumes Elizabeth Laba has selected an elegant assortment of capes, coats, jackets and furs from the Morris Museum’s extraordinary collection of clothing.

The exhibition will treat the visitor to a visual survey of street garments for evening and day wear worn by the fashionable—both adults and children—of Europe and America. Of particular importance to the history of fashion are a magnificent evening coat and cape by Charles Frederick Worth of Paris, perhaps the most famous of France’s late nineteenth century haute couturiers.

At the more modern end of the spectrum is a coat of electric blue wool designed in the 1980s by Arnold Scaasi. Mr. Scaasi has generously agreed to make the Morris Museum the repository for his yearly lines of design.

Nothing says glamour like a long evening coat richly appointed in velvet and satin – and nothing says style like the one to the right designed by Charles Frederick Worth! Examining the breathtaking detail of this piece – from the raised apricot-colored velvet to the delicate ruching around the collar and cuffs –it is no wonder that House of Worth is renowned the world over for design and craftsmanship. The fitted bodice and sweeping train certainly created a sense of presence for the well-dressed woman of the late 1890’s, and that presence was one that was sure to be remembered for years to come!

The Morris Museum is pleased to showcase this gorgeous evening silk velvet evening coat, along with an array of outerwear for ladies, gentlemen and children, as it presents Stepping Out in Style: Outerwear of the Last 150 Years.

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