Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Claire McCardell

Check out this fantastic and informative interview of Claire McCardell's 94 year old brother Robert by Marge of borntoolatevintage.com! Chock full of great tidbits like this:

"There were several friends of Claire at Parsons who went out on their own but they did not seem to make the impression on the fashion world that Claire did. Robert Turk was the head designer at Townley and Claire was his assistant. He tragically died in a diving accident while swimming on vacation and the owner of Townley decided to give Claire a chance at head designer. This was her big break but she had the ability to make it pay off. Her clothes were labeled "Townley Frocks" until she won awards and her name came to be known in the fashion world, at which time her clothes were labeled "Claire McCardell". In the 2007 August issue of Vogue there is an article about Hollywood Hostess Connie Wald who, according to the article, was one of Claire's models."

Read the rest of it here.

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