Friday, April 27, 2007

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Vests, capri pants, mini skirts and A-lines - it seems fashion trends from the past are recycled and have a habit of haunting future inspirations. As the world of trends shifts, vintage couture has emerged at the forefront of the next era of style.

For those who appreciate it, fashion represents a valuable form of art and a unique attempt at self-expression. As the allure of previous trends fades, vintage fashion is gaining overwhelming popularity among college students, such as Jennifer Williams.

The sophomore political science major uses her unique fashion sense to set herself apart from other students.

"I dress for comfort, but I don't like wearing the same thing as everyone else," Williams said. "I strive to find things that most people aren't wearing."

For Kellie Lewis, the owner and designer of Material and a manager of Northgate Vintage, an interest in fashion developed out of a passion for art.

"I didn't start sewing until right before I started running Material as a business," said Lewis, a 2004 Texas A&M graduate. "My whole life I have been interested in art like painting and sculpting, so sewing was a new way to express my creativity."

Zack Ewing, a sophomore English major, has deep roots in the vintage community and finds that vintage fashion is as much a convenience as it is an expression of his own personal style. His brother, Ryan Ewing, is the owner and operator of Northgate Vintage.

"My brother started Northgate Vintage as a sophomore in college, so for the past six or seven years I have been surrounded by vintage clothing," he said. "It definitely has not been hard for me to come by."

Williams finds that retail chains like Urban Outfitters can also satisfy her need for unusual apparel.

"I love Urban Outfitters because you can go to different stores, and they have different things," she said. "It's not the same at every store."

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