Tuesday, December 05, 2006

70's Fashion Fiascos

Fun new book all about those 70's fashions from Maureen Valdes Marsh.

It's the 1970s. Women are wearing pants at work, men are adding color to their wardrobe like never before, and both are coming together to get down on the dance floor. It’s the “me generation,” a time when anyone can do what they want, when they want, and with anyone they want. This new found freedom influenced not only how men and women interacted, but how they dressed.

70s Fashion Fiascos takes us back for a look at the funky fads of a decade that for many is still totally groovy. For women, learn the reality of why they wore low cut peasant dresses and how the boxy textiles of Pucci were more than just art. For men, find out the true phallic nature of the 5-inch wide tie and how much plaid really is too much. Fad obsessed and free thinking, the 70s were a time for self-expression, and there was no better way to express yourself than through fashions.

A cosmic trip down memory lane for some, a completely new and far out journey for others, 70s Fashion Fiascos covers it all. From the platform shoe injury, to the super strength of polyester, and whether to midi or to maxi that skirt, get the full story. Including an informative guide of vintage shops, websites, and museums where anyone can get that fabulous blast from the past they’ve been craving, 70s Fashion Fiascos is the must have guide to all things 70s.
Groovy Shoes


* Vibrant full color photographs of funkadelic fashions from the 70s.
* Commentary, history, and humorous tidbits throughout.
* Resource Shopping Guide to bring home the groovy goods.

Speaking of the 70's, check out our VFG Picks this week for some funky 70's frocks worthy of this book like this awesome folksy jungle owl and tiger print shirt dress from Lanvin for sale at tastyvintage.com.

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