Friday, April 21, 2006

Fashion Bond-age

The warm weather has finally started arriving and shopping for Spring is in full swing!

Vintage cardigan sweaters are a wardrobe staple but come to really shine during the early Spring months. The cream of the crop has always been the exquisite embroidered pieces from Versailles, KY artist Helen Bond Carruthers.

Carruthers took the embroidery from old worn piano shawls from the 1920s and embroidered and lacy bits from old Belgian linens, and attached the decorations like applique to the sweaters. Very often the entire sweater would be covered with decoration. She also often altered these sweaters, shortening both the sleeves and the torso. These sweaters are considered to be the ultimate in decorated cashmere. - Photo (sweater is also for sale!) & excerpt from

To admire even more of Carruthers work, visit Headley-Whitney Museum in Lexington, KY from March 31, 2006- June 11, 2006.

Mrs. Carruthers was a creative fashion designer from Versailles, Kentucky and her hand-appliqued sweaters from the fifties and early sixties are highly sought after by vintage fashion collectors. She used hand-embroidered applique cut from antique Chinese shawls in many of her designs and lined the sweaters in silk chiffon. They feature three-quarter length sleeves with pearl or other specialty buttons. She designed many for local socialites and often included them in the design process. These one-of-a kind sweaters she produced at her home were sold in resort boutiques in Palm Beach, Saratoga Springs and Lexington as well as high-end department stores across the country.

The cardigan sweater was an important part of the Fifties wardrobe, and embellished cashmere was at the height of fashion. Fifties fashion accessories will also be featured in the exhibit.

The exhibit showcases over 30 examples of these rare and beautiful treasures. Come & View these one of a kind treasures!

If Ms. Carruthers treasures are out of your price range, be sure to check out our VFG picks for beautiful and affordable vintage cardigans to add to your Spring closet!

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