Friday, March 24, 2006

The Sporting Life

Spring has Sprung! It's that time of year to get outside again and get moving!

Fuzzylizzie Vintage has just written an article on the history of Sportswear that would peak any vintage collectors interest.

By the dawn of the 20th Century, special sports clothing had been developed for those wealthy enough to have the time for leisure pursuits. Riding habits, swimsuits, bicycling ensembles, and tennis skirts were an important part of an upper class lady's wardrobe.

In the years prior to WWI, knits became an important part of the sports wardrobe. But it was the Great War which brought about change for the middle class - women needed comfortable clothing in which they could move and drive and work throughtout a long day. Chanel recognized this in Paris, resulting in her jersey knit dresses.

During the 1920s leisure increased, and so did the demand for more casual clothing. Sports were no longer just for the very rich, as more people had the time and money to golf, ski and take vacations. Many department stores had opened "Sports Shops" by the mid 1920s, in which tennis and golf dresses, riding clothing and even knicker ensembles for women were offered.

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